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4OME: the electronic revolution

PM Srl is proud to introduce the new 4OME motor, result of an important design work aimed to obtain all the benefits the electronic can offer.


  • Keeping the desired pressure in the system constant, changing the engine RPM (15-55 Hz)

  • Automatic turning on and off of the motor according to water demand

  • Electric protections

  • Protection against dry running

  • Energy saving

  • Soft starts and stops, avoiding water hammers and electrical absorption peaks

  • Easier dimensioning of the system

  • Reduction of required pumps stock

  • Elimination of dV/dt filters costs, which are necessary in case of applications with external inverter

  • Plug & Play product, no setup procedure is needed


  • 4OME three-phase oil filled submersible motor, 1,5Hp power, with high efficiency rotor made in copper. 4OME complies with NEMA standards and it can be therefore coupled with any kind of pump on the market having equal, or lower, power to the maximum power of the motor

  • Control panel MESSENGER, that works as interface with the user enabling to settle the pressure and to manage the entire system

  • Pressure transducer

4OME, a patented product unique in the market, available from today for all our Customers.

For orders and/or any further information please contact Your reference sales manager or send an email at .

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