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4WM: 4” Water cooled submersible motors

The submersible motors canned type are motors with an airtight sealed and resin encapsulated stator. This solution ensures an excellent heat exchange and an extremely high mechanical resistance in case of high pressure, something typical of really deep immersions.

The 4” water cooled submersible motors (4WM) keep some technical advantages of the oil filled submersible motor, such as:

  • the shaft’s projection until 3Hp power is made in AISI 304 stainless steel, while in motors bigger than 3Hp it is used a special type of stainless steel called DUPLEX. This one combines excellent resistance to corrosion and high mechanical resistance, a necessary features on engines with higher starting torques.

  • all the components in contact with water are made in 304 stainless steel.

Besides above written features:

  • a thrust bearing system Kingsbury-type with stainless steel thrust bearing runners oscillating on a self-aligning system. A specific runner lapping process makes this system extremely reliable and efficient. Such a system ensures a longer life of the thrust bearing system (three times more) than traditional ball-bearings system.

  • upper and lower flange completely made in 304 stainless steel, and so inoxidizable. This peculiarity protects the motor from corrosion and avoids electrolysis events that may occur through time along the welding line between sleeve and flange.

  • the restore liquid valve provides compensation for pressures and allows also the water in to restore internal level.

  • the resin coating process is made vacuum-packed in order to eliminate any trace of humidity.

The above mentioned technical features, along with a meticulous manufacturing process and a double testing during assembly (Hydraulic and Electric) on 100 % of our production, guarantee a motor with higher technical performance and long term reliability.

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