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PM Srl is proud to introduce you the new 4OME SOLAR series: 4" solar-powered submersible motors with inverter on-board.


1. 4OME SOLAR asynchronous oil filled submersible motor, oversized and endowed with reinforced windings specifically for solar applications.

The motor complies with NEMA standards and it can be therefore coupled with any kind of pump on the market (both centrifugal and helical rotor pump) having equal, or lower, power to the maximum power of the motor.

Available powers:

0,75 Hp

1 Hp

1,5 Hp

2. Control panel SOLAR MESSENGER, that works as interface with the user enabling to pump control. Features:

• Switch on and off the system

• Display and manage any alarms (electronic

and dry running)

• Option to connect floating level

The ADVANTAGES given by the inverter on-board technology are:

• No need for filters or shielded cables to prevent motor damage, being the inverter integrated

• No need for set-up, being the inverter sized and produced specifically for that motor

• Easy installation and starting


4OME SOLAR, a patented product unique in the market, available for all our Customers.

For orders and/or any further information please contact Your reference sales manager or send an email at .

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